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Tips for choosing another man for a cuckold

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Are you in a poly relationship and looking for someone who is interested in an ongoing cuckold arrangement? Maybe your wife has finally said yes to your group sex fantasy.

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If you're in a couple relationship, you’re going to have to work up the courage to ask your partner if they’re interested in finding a threesome as well. You have to also really make them feel secure enough to realize that a threesome doesn't mean they're not cutting it sexually anymore — you just want a new experience! The first and most important step in planning a threesome when you’re a couple is securing your third man. Whether it’s a man or woman, it’s vital to choose together. Let’s look at some things to consider when looking for an MMF threesome.

4 Tips for Cuckold Dating

Taking your time and going through the process, beginning to end, cuckold dating sites as a team does increase your chances of satisfaction, which can avoid things to go off the rails for unexpected reasons and have a satisfied cuckold dating.